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Tid for Yoga

A shamanic journey

Yoga, free movement, and breathwork with a shamanistic approach

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A shamanic journey
A shamanic journey


27. apr. 2022, 19:30 – 21:45

Tid for Yoga, Øvregaten 25, 5003 Bergen, Norge



Welcome home to your true self by aligning the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional body. 

We are going to take this journey together and move to the rhythm of the breath, the Earth and the Universe. Let us hold you in a sacred and divine feminine space, so you can nurture yourself. We will connect with elements from yoga, soulful movement, breathwork and healing sounds. 


Yin yoga and shamanic movement with Synnøve.  

Breathwork and healing sounds with Sofie.

What is shamanism?

Shamanism is for us the power of the ancient wisdom that lies within the Earth and ourselves. People have gathered for centuries in circles to share their wisdom, listen to Earth, and to allow their authentic selves to be expressed. This is our intention. To seek wisdom about ourselves by listening to the natural rhythms of life that flow freely when you invite the space of holding the elements that resides within you. The elements are air, wind, fire and water. We will guide you through these so you can allow yourself to be who you need to be in the present moment. 

We will start the practice with yoga by landing softly within ourselves, then moving spontaneously before we land into our lifeforce, for a breathwork session. The whole journey will be supported by healing sounds and music. We warmly welcome all of you, to come and move, dance, love, share and be your true selves with us.   

About Sofie: 

Sofie has been experimenting with sound and music for years and has a meditative, sensitive approach to it. For her the music is the key to a deeper perception of the presence and reality. She is now soon to be a certified breathwork coach and is deeply fascinated by the power of the breath. By combining sound and breath, she is able to open up a sensitive space of clarity and presence.  

About Synnøve: 

Synnøve has her yoga education from Ecuador and Portugal where she learned about Tantra and Shamanism. For her Tantra is about the silence and wisdom that lies within all of us if we dare to listen. Shamanism is not mystic, but rather a way to get in contact with the elements from the earth that exist within all people. She has been teaching yoga for the last three years, and believes that yoga should be about empowering each individual to help them find the answers themselves. She wants to create a safe space and allow each person to feel free to do and express themselves however they want.   


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