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Tid for Yoga

A Sound Ceremony on the Womb Space

Somatic yoga and Gong therapy for women

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A Sound Ceremony on the Womb Space
A Sound Ceremony on the Womb Space


15. des. 2023, 19:00 – 22:00

Tid for Yoga, 3rd floor, Øvregaten 25, 5003 Bergen, Norge



Welcome to a community gathering at Tid for Yoga for the Women in Bergen to honour our Divine Feminine through our Womb Space.

As women, the Womb portal we hold within us is a vast, liminal, and energetic space that can be accessed within the core of our being. The Womb, when activated, serves as a portal to the remembrance of our most primordial, radiant, and magnetic feminine self. The awakening of the Womb also invites us to birth our Shakti life force energy into the World.

Suraya Sam brings her signature Somatic Yoga and Gong Therapy to Tid for Yoga in Bergen, a beautiful space that supports meditation to explore and sit with the stories of the Heart & Womb and identify areas that cause resistance, restriction, limitation and pain.

An evening to receive insights and inspiration, as limiting thoughts and feelings are understood and can be released within the safe sacred space of the ceremony.

Somatic Yoga is ‘yoga from the inside’. The focus is on sensing your way in and out of the poses. It differs from other styles of yoga because it focuses on how movements feel to you from inside, rather than how they look to anyone else. It’s about being gentle, mindful, and deeply sensing your body in every moment−without any pushing, achieving, or trying to get somewhere.

Gong Therapy offers a psycho-acoustic gateway to altered states of awareness and consciousness (alpha to theta). It’s an amazing healing tool because the frequencies surpass the intellectual part of the brain and travel to the core of the nervous system activating the parasympathetic nervous system and prompting the body to heal and detoxify. Gong Therapy is not only an auditory experience you listen to relax the mind, but a parasympathetic somatic experience that relates directly to the body’s healing.

Listen, breathe & connect with Suraya!

*Open to all practitioners

About your Facilitator:

Suraya Sam is the co-creator for House of Ascend. She is a certified Educator, Trainer and Facilitator with over 13 years of experience in Yoga, Meditation, Chakra Therapy, Pranayama, Gong Meditation, Gong Nidra and Aromatherapy. She augments elemental tools such as Mantras, Therapeutic Musical Instruments, Therapeutic Essential Oils, Botanical Flower Baths & Showers, Botanical Essences, Herbal Elixirs, and Sacred Smoke as part of her bespoke offerings. This wisdom and knowledge was passed down to her from generations of holistic practitioners in her family. Her Dharma is guided by her mother who practices Sufism, Pachamama and Huachuma Plant Medicine Ceremonial Journey in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Before you attend this exclusive ceremony, here are a few things to note:

1) Kindly fast from alcohol as alcohol lowers your vibration which might cause negative energy to accumulate in your energy field.

2) Please come 10 minutes earlier so you will have sufficient time for the cleansing ritual and arrive at the right mind frame before we begin.

3) You may bring a journal to record your experiences, and keep track of your journey.

Should you need any clarity, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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