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ons. 31. juli


Tid for Yoga

Yoga & Inner Stability Summer Course

A summer course over 4 weeks with an holistic approach, combining Yin & Soft Yoga, inspiring lectures, mindful talks and reflection

Yoga & Inner Stability Summer Course
Yoga & Inner Stability Summer Course


31. juli 2024, 18:30 – 20:30

Tid for Yoga, 3rd floor, Øvregaten 25, 5003 Bergen, Norge



Welcome to a yoga and mindfulness summer course! 

Do you find yourself rushing from one task to another, feeling tired or disconnected? Are you craving for more movement in your life or moments of tranquility that would help you to recharge and center yourself?

If yes, this 4 weeks course is exactly what you need. Mindful Flow is designed to rise the awareness and improve overall well-being. You wonder how?

When we slow down and dedicate time for ourselves we get a chance to reconnect with our inner selves. When we shift the focus from what's happening outside to what's happening inside we start living consciously.

The benefits of Mindfulness & Yoga include better emotional regulation, reduced stress levels, enhanced cognitive function, improved flexibility and strength, and a greater sense of inner peace and stability.

This 4 week course will be divided into 4 classes, held once a week, each lasting 2 hours. Every class will include Yin & Soft yoga, lectures, mindful talks and reflection. Lectures will have specific topics related to Mindfulness and psychological well-being.

You will be provided with questionnaires helping to document your journey and changes that often occur while practicing Mindfulness & Yoga.


31.07 18:30-20:30

06.08 18:30-20:30

13.08 18:30-20:30

20.08 18:30-20:30


  • Guided relaxation
  • Yin & Soft yoga
  • Introduction to the course 
  • Fundaments and benefits of Mindfulness
  • Self-reflection

Week 2:

  • Guided relaxation
  • Yin & Soft yoga
  • Mindfulness based stress management + patterns of mindless thinking
  • Self-reflection

Week 3:

  • Guided relaxation
  • Yin & Soft yoga
  • Fundaments of Inner Peace & Stability + focus and mental clarity
  • Self-reflection

Week 4:

  • Guided relaxation
  • Yin & Soft yoga
  • Summary of the course, open sharing + beauty of conscious living
  • Reflection

Price: 1600,- and 1400,- for members

About your facilitator:

Živilė Osman is a certified Mindfulness and Yin Yoga instructor, a personal development mentor with a higher education in Psychology. She is an author working on her second self-growth book with first being published in 2021.

Živilė has been interested in Yoga and depths of unlimited human potential for over a decade now, not missing a chance to expand her knowledge through various courses and studies. She spreads her word by writing, leading few personal growth profiles, organising Mindfulness classes, planning to expand in Yoga services too. Živilė holds Mindfulness classes not only in Bergen but also out of Norway, leaving nothing less than positive impact on participants' lives and mindsets.

“I can create a safe environment for you and help you find out what inner peace sounds like." - Živilė Osman


  • Ordinary Ticket

    kr 1 600,00
    +kr 40,00 service fee
  • Tid for Yoga member

    Monthly members at Tid for Yoga

    kr 1 400,00
    +kr 35,00 service fee
  • Drop-in

    If you can’t attend the full course pay drop-in for the dates you can join.

    kr 400,00
    +kr 10,00 service fee


kr 0,00

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